Help Etsy target a user pain point that can be improved & redesign it
After conducting exploratory research and interviews with several Etsy sellers, we found several pain points:
- Because Etsy is such a huge platform, it’s hard for small sellers/starters to stand out.
- A lot of shops that mass-produce their products sell them at a lower price, taking sales away from actual small businesses who hand make all their handicrafts.
- Sellers are conscious of the environmental impact from their plastic packaging.
The insight we gained was that while Etsy sellers cared about their environmental footprint, they were ultimately concerned with gaining visibility and profit.​​​​​​​
The sustainable problem
- Recycling used packaging 
- Platform providing packaging to sellers
- Benefits and rewards for being sustainable 
The publicity problem
- Better algorithm for listings to favor smaller sellers 
- Special category for certain sellers
Based on these problems, we created a storyboard:
Introducing Etsy Green, a brand new feature for Etsy sellers to “go green” and use sustainable packaging while receiving benefits such as rewards and featuring. 
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